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We use the unique creative process of dream consciousness.

We provide guidance on the path to wholeness that allows effective, compassionate action in the world.

We offer workshops for individuals and groups as well as on-going individual sessions.

Enlightenment of individuals and community only comes about through integration of our shadow side with our highest aspirations.

If you as an individual or community are ready to experience the next level of attainment in your current practice or are just beginning your journey, please contact us to arrange for an interview.

It is only through self discovery by each individual, within the context of their community, that the energetic vibrancy of the community can flourish.”

Awakened individuals are the creative element that empower vibrant, fresh and effective communities.  Many communities are burdened with dissonance within that hamper their relationships, mission and effectiveness.  Many times a “problem” is identified and immediately a “solution” is sought.  However, there is a crucial step missing in this chain…first the individuals within the community must awaken within themselves to their personal barriers, prejudices and obstacles that prevent their wholehearted contributions to, and, participation in the community.